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19 may
SSAB commits to sustainability onshore and offshore
SSAB has signed a joint statement together with the other members of the initiative Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development. We want to state clearly that we are responsible for interdependencies between land and sea in our core operations.
18 may
El valor de la marca
Las marcas de SSAB albergan una promesa para los clientes, por lo que son extremadamente valiosas y deben ser protegidas contra los falsificadores. Desafortunadamente, el uso no autorizado de las marcas de SSAB no es algo inusual.
18 may
SSAB entering new North African markets
SSAB has recently opened an office in Egypt and is working on establishing one in Algeria. Both countries offer great potential for new business opportunities, and the start in Egypt has been very good. There are also plans related to Western and Central Africa.